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How human beings really operate

People seem to expect that their prospects will read a 5 page white paper or attend some webinar that they think is great but here's the deal, they've lost touch with how human beings really operate in 2016.

When was the last time you personally read a white paper from beginning to end? Be honest.

Look, we’re asking people to invest time and energy into things before we've established their actual interest.

You need to do something that's tailored to them, is short, punchy and impactful to first gain their interest and get them engaged and from there they’ll be willing to invest time and energy to investigate what you have to offer. That's when you can either have them watch a longer form video or hear a presentation and perhaps read a white paper (I don't).

In a time of crazy busyness, overwhelm and constant noise, you need to be smarter, tactical and efficient about how you get interest to drive sales. It’s just the time we live in. What worked 9 years ago probably isn’t a relevant strategy today.

People evolve and adapt to things and become selective about what platform or vehicle they choose to pay attention to or use. 12 years ago, things like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and YouTube had zero impact on our daily lives. Today the landscape has changed quite a bit. I assume you barely use fax anymore if at all?

Think about the average human or think about what you personally respond to. Do you read white papers? Do you attend webinars? Do you like powerpoints? I assume the answer is no. But I also assume you do watch video. Yes, you do.

The stats of people watching video are insane these days. YouTube and Netflix are the new dominant media outlets. If you don't have a strong communication strategy that heavily deploys video for your audience in a tactical way with short pieces to gain interest and other assets to follow along through the sales cycle then you're either not investing at the right level or you're investing in the wrong things.

But don't just invest in video because "content is king". Invest in authentic communication to a specific audience that actually is in tune with how human beings operate, respond and feel compelled by. Keep doing this and you'll win attention and new business.

This whole thing is a communication game. Not a "content" play or social platform strategy or the latest marketing raw raw.

It's consistent communication delivered to a specific audience of human beings in a human way for the current times.

It's not what social media platform to use, it's about what to say and how and to who through or on the platform.

This is really where you win.

Always assess what you’re doing and what’s being said by how people really operate and react. Observe and operate as people really act and do.

- Robert

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