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Are you irresistible?

When looking at your company, message and products or services, the question to ask is; are you irresistible? In other words, is the overall message and position of your company and products so strong that it creates a gravitational pull with your target public that they can’t seem to resist?

That’s the bar. That’s where you need to go. Sales can become a natural course of action and a sales team can essentially become order takers if your company and products are irresistible. So the mission then becomes, how do we make our products, marketing and our message so good that it’s at that level?

Work with and from that goal and you can’t lose.

Think about other companies or products that are absolutely irresistible to you. When you think of them you’ll probably find that you want to either buy their products or work with them or partner with them or be associated with them in some way because you feel drawn to them.

A lot of this starts with a great product or service but also keep in mind that a lot of it has to do with incredible communication, position, marketing and message. You want to invest a lot in becoming irresistible because it will fuel sales and revenue that allow you to make your company, products and services better and better so you can reinforce that position.

Here, we work to make our clients irresistible through the copywriting, video trailers, case studies, message, elevator pitches, positioning etc. We always work with this goal in mind. We want the clients company to be irresistible so sales becomes effortless and most of that irresistibility is derived from communication in some form which we happen to specialize in.

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