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The universal problem...

All companies, big and small, have this problem. No one is above it and it never goes away.

Let me paint a familiar picture:

You’re spending money on marketing and doing a lot of the actions to promote your message far and wide, things like trade shows, online ads, landing pages, fill in forms, webinars, email campaigns and so forth and that’s bringing interest that you then have to qualify and a small percent of that trickles through the organization making it to sales and finally resulting in new revenue.

So those broad actions are driving a lot of general business (which is good) and your sales team is typically working on the low hanging fruit and kicking back the rest saying they aren’t qualified or it’s dead or dark etc. Ultimately this leads to a lot of time and money and resources being spent through marketing and sales to accomplish all of this.

But there’s accounts or companies that you really need to get to and currently with the hit and miss approach, everyone is so busy feeding the beast that no one really has the time or resources to do the digging and tedious work it takes to define, find and pursue the right accounts that you really want (and need) to get to. The ones that are aligned with your company and will really help springboard your growth.

Even if you have the idea that you should, really, who’s going to actually do it?

The sales team is busy selling the active cycles and they don’t like doing the research, networking, writing, creative and trench work to make those relationships happen, even though they want them.

The marketing team is busy feeding the beast to continually drive a steady flow of leads to sales that they know they need in volume because only a fraction will make it through.

So how do you get to the exact people in the right companies that align with your company and it’s products or services and that have the highest probability of becoming a client?

You don’t. We do.

It makes no sense to try to accomplish this internally. It costs too much in time and money and resources that it actually makes no sense and everyone is already up to their eyeballs doing what they do.

We have two strategies here that will completely and utterly handle this problem for you.

Keep in mind, clients don’t bring us onboard to do the broad marketing stuff…. our role is to take a surgical approach for sales to research, define, find, connect and make the right relationships with the right people at the right companies at the right time and put our clients key salespeople in an environment where they have the highest probability of selling and closing those high value accounts or clients.

So, if you’re interested in having a call to discuss what we can do related to this, reach out and we’ll set it up:


Have a great week!


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