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It's incredibly difficult to stop an inspired person

Recall a time when you were inspired. Recall how you felt at the time. I'm assuming you'll agree with me when I suggest that it was similar to a drug or dopamine overload.

Something superhuman seems to happen when you get inspired. A feeling of vigor and determination and confidence comes over you.

Your job is to channel that energy into execution.

I've always felt that it's very hard to stop an inspired person. Not that I've tried to stop them (because I know better) but because I've had people or things try to stop me when I'm in an inspired state and it just doesn't happen.

Inspired people hurdle over barriers, drive through problems and get an enormous amount of things done.

Obstacles will inevitably come along but the person most likely to cut through them like butter is the inspired person while those who are most likely to be stopped by them is the uninspired.

It's rather easy to disturb or stop an uninspired person. Don’t allow yourself to be or become this person.

The lesson then, is to find a way to keep yourself inspired. Because the thing is, each day you’ll wake up and it will be a new day. Yesterday's inspiration and momentum won't serve you today. You need to recreate it each and every day.

This needs to be one of the first things you do to reset your day to gain momentum. Don't wait for inspiration to hit or allow it to be an excuse to do nothing until it does.

Cause it to happen first thing.

Whether that means you need to read something that helps you get there or re-write your vision or mission for the future — do so. Get your head in the game early in the day and use that momentum to tackle your actions to drive overall productivity.

My experience tells me that while talent, skills, ability and knowledge or competency are all very valuable — all of these are hyper magnified when you’re in an inspired state so to effectively operate in your ideal state, you need to manufacture your own inspiration.

Then just lean in hard on your day and get shit done because nothing is going to get in your way.

- Robert

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