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Mapping the Formula for Success

I don’t necessarily believe that there’s a universal formula to success that can be applied to everyone or everything but there does seem to be patterns that tend to come up that seem to be fundamentally true.

I’m willing to bet that if you analyzed a list of 100 successful people, you will start to find common denominators that you can tie together.

I’ve written down 6 fundamental rules for success here:

  1. Decide on, or find what you’re passionate about or what intensely interests you and do that.

  2. Decide and work to become the best at that thing.

  3. Work harder than anyone else at it and demand an incredible work ethic of yourself.

  4. Stay the course. Through everything. Persist and never, ever stop.

  5. Postulate a future vision. Write down the vision and goals and continue to write them down. Strike them out bit by bit keeping your eye on the vision at all times, consistently working toward it.

  6. Define what you consider success to be by writing the idea down and then work toward that picture until it’s attained. By the way – once attained you need to update this and rewrite it.

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