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The buyer's mind...

It’s great to have a value proposition or teaser message for video asset but what about the prospective customers that are partly sold or somewhat sold already?

Think about this for a second, what if the prospect has seen some of your stuff, products/services, value prop etc and is somewhat interested and partly sold? Taking them back through a value prop makes no sense.

And what if they aren’t ready to speak or call a salesperson but want to do a little more homework to prepare or qualify their own interest?

Do you have assets to handle this? If you don’t, you can imagine how many prospects you may be missing because they had an interest but not strong enough to call or email sales so they don’t and they forget about it altogether.

When you follow the mind of the prospect in 2016, you can map out the assets you actually need to ensure you’re doing everything you can to capture sales.

Because one isn’t enough. It just isn’t. You need assets that dive a little deeper into your product or service beyond the value prop or intro and assets that take their hand through the process, what the deliverables are, other customers experience and experience trailers that walk them through the real world experience of what it’s like to use, adopt and have the product or service….

Obsess over the customer's mind and their journey to becoming interested, engaged and sold and then create assets that follow them along and help do part of the heavy lifting to inform and sell them so by the time they reach the salesperson, they’re mostly sold and ready to actually talk.

Have a great week and end of month and end of quarter!! (note, we get crazy around here around end of quarter so now’s the time to talk about doing something!) :)


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