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One Continuous Pitch...

Think about this for a second. Imagine writing out one continuous pitch from the initial contact, interest or lead and then all the way through the sales cycle to a closed deal.

Imagine writing that entire pitch out.

Think about all the things the salesperson would say and have to handle from beginning to end. Also imagine that this is the perfect sales cycle. The perfect pitch and handling at every stage.

We took this idea and created what we call the campaign strategy.

We research the target public so we know who we’re speaking to or selling and then we map out the sales process for our client and then we write that one continuous pitch from beginning to end.

We then break it up into 12 video assets that are in sequence, one after the next, and we combine it with messaging for the sales team to use as well as setup pages so they can present it.

The campaign strategy arms the sales team with everything, and I mean everything, they need to pitch, sell and close a product or service. It’s great for product knowledge, it helps guide their next steps and it improves the prospect experience (a lot…)

This site helps explain it as well

Reach out to discuss a campaign strategy with us.


Also, we’ve added a few new shows for The Quarter to YouTube. We cover a lot of great topics there that I’m sure will help. We’d love for you to subscribe. Here’s the latest episode and here’s the site

Have a great week!


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