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You May Have a Bottleneck...

There’s a part in any sales cycle where it bunches up. Bottlenecks. Guaranteed.

I know where that spot is and how to handle it.

Here’s the thing, for any enterprise level sale, platform, SaaS or service that is slightly or very intangible…. there’s a part in the sales cycle that’s lacking.

Toward the end, the prospect can’t get the full reality for what you’re selling. They can’t seem to experience it in the real world and despite demos, benefits, examples, walk-throughs etc, it just isn’t enough.

You need to show them in the real world what it’s like to have, adopt and use your product, platform, app or service in the real world.

Currently, you’re asking them to draw a picture in their mind to perceive what it might be like and then you’re asking them to take a leap of faith without having complete and utter confidence or a fully formed picture in their mind but they can’t. Why? Because they lack full understanding and they lack the full reality of what it will be like and how it will “look” if it were implemented and in use at their company.

That’s why we created the experience trailer at Richter. It’s a live production that we shoot on location capturing the real world experience of a given product or service. Not staged or set up with talking heads but as if the camera isn’t even there, capturing a real world setting to show the real world experience for a product or service to paint the picture in the prospects mind.

Very powerful stuff.

This is where your sales are falling down or getting stuck and this will help take the prospect all the way through to get it done.

Happy Friday!


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