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Are you actually controlling the attention for your space?

Think through a few of these examples and ask yourself, what would it take to control the mind and attention of your audience? What level strategy or campaign would it take to completely immerse your audience and get them to ONLY think of you? Let’s run through a few examples: When you think of eBooks, who comes to mind? When you think of a phone, what comes to mind? When I say “action camera” what do you think of? Who do you think of for “search” Where do you go to look up knowledge? When you think of a tablet, what comes to mind? When I say coffee, who do you think of? When you think of an electric car, who comes to mind? I can tell you the answers to all of these for me are as follows, Kindle, iPhone, GoPro, Google, Wikipedia, iPad, Starbucks and Tesla. These companies all have major campaigns that garner massive attention and they don’t mess around when it comes to PR, marketing and sales. They play for blood. Don’t think for one second that this just happens. It doesn’t. It’s created. The truth is that most companies grossly underestimate and under-do their strategies or campaigns with tiny approaches that barely make a ripple. Don’t be shy and don’t be conservative about this. If right this minute you’re thinking…. “but what about budget?” then let me tell you, budget comes from revenue and revenue comes from sales. Unless you know something I don’t, that’s the sequence of events. This means that you need to hammer marketing and sales and that creates more revenue which creates budgets. If you don’t have enough budget, it’s an indicator that you’re weak on sales and revenue.

Here’s an idea for you that you should be thinking with or actively doing -- Instagram is a platform that’s massive these days and more and more of the business to business audience is on there. Instagram also has the ability to post short videos. This is an opportunity for you to create a series of 10-20 micro-ads made for Instagram to post new content for your audience to get them to reach and enter the sales cycle. You need to be where the people are and they’re on Instagram by the hoards which means your message needs to be there as well. Here’s a link to our Micro-ad page: - these things pack a punch. Short, effective videos that deliver a strong message in 15 seconds. I believe these are one of the strongest strategies for opening the door and entering the sales cycle. Here’s a new example we just completed for a client: Let's make something big. Let's build a big think strategy and campaign to drive big sales and revenue for 2016. 727-447-3600 Have a great Thursday! -Robert Feel free to follow us on Instagram Ps. if you’re not watching it yet, here’s one of our latest shows from The Quarter on inspired

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